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Dominique and Ray Powell would like to welcome you to Casa Banderas!


We consider this a unique place because it is not just an Albergue but it also our home.  Welcome to our Home.


Here are some of our most important points that we really want to emphasize.


Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to assist you while you are with us.


  • We have two bathrooms with showers.  Ray, by now, has given you a tour of the outside and shown you the laundry areas and the very spacious outside bathroom and shower.


  • Please try and take your shower before 1900 hours because we are doing dinner dishes afterwards and there will not be enough water pressure.


  • We are required by the health authorities to put chlorine in the water, so we do not recommend drinking it.  We will provide you with a water bottle from a natural spring nearby.


  • Our wifi is Casa Banderas 94 the password is casabanderas2022!

      Remember we are in a small village and we have 1 meter thick walls so the best place 

      to get wifi is downstairs in the main dining and sitting area


  • We are on a septic system so PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT put anything down the drain except for toilet paper.


  • We ask that you do not put bags on beds as we have protective coverings on them and want to avoid tears and bedbugs.


  • Dinner is served Family style and is served at 1900 hours.  There is no open kitchen.  Our kitchen and refrigerators are private.


  • Breakfast is served at 0700 hours--we can arrange for a to go breakfast bag if you desire.


  • We are not responsible for misplaced or stolen items.


  • Please be respectful and be courteous to the other pilgrims.


  • Check out is at 0830 hours. Please, respect the hours so we can do the cleaning.


If you enjoyed your stay, please give a review on google or any social media site of your choosing.

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