Immigration Road Trip SFO Part 2

Ok so we have started our journey back to Galicia!! The normal 4 to 4.5 hour drive from our home in Redding California to the San Francisco airport only took 3.5 hours because traffics was so light and you do not stop anymore at the Bay Bridge to pay the toll. We got to the American Airlines counter to check in and the initial agent said that even though we had a visa “Spain” was not letting any American passports in to the country. Needless to say we were freaking out!! We tried to explain to him that we had a type D visa. Then his supervisor came over and said that we needed our TIE card and we tried to explain that that is why we were traveling to Spain was to pick up our residency card. We showed them our printed Cita for 14 December in Lugo to get the TIE cards. They had never seen a type D visa so they ended up calling their American Airlines help desk and then told that we were allowed. But since we are going SFO to LAX to London (Heathrow) we also have to had registered and get the QR health code to enter the UK as well as for Spain. Then they needed to see our negative COVID-19 PCR test and she gave us a scare because she said it was the wrong test because it did not say “RT-PCR” because that is what the Government of Spain requires. But I showed her it was the right test and that we had the lab put our passport and NIE number on as well. So this is just at our first part of the journey just in San Francisco! Let’s see what happens in LAX and Heathrow and the Madrid.

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